021 Hyperglide 4

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Developed with Gonzalo Costa Hoeval (ARG-3) and Matteo Iachino (I-140) for the new PWA racing format where foils will race against fins on the slalom course. The HyperGlide4 is focused on full power foil slalom, where top- end velocity and precision control makes the difference between victory or carnage.

Faster, flatter profiles become possible with less need for extreme upwind or downwind angles. Less backhand pressure means you never sheet out. Opening the mid-leech has reduced drag, and gives you boosted acceleration.
Maximum control is achieved through stability – the less movement in the rig, the easier it is to maintain trim.

High aspect ratios keep the boom length short, minimizing the distance profile can move backward. High skin tension and a rigid framework of 7 tube battens and 4 XL cams lock everything in place, creating a highly efficient race machine.

Trademark weight reduction throughout the HyperGlide4 means you’re racing on the lightest rig – every time you power into a gybe you know you’re doing it with less effort than your opponents. With a reduced foot, that ability to nail every gybe increases confidence. Fly first class.

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