2022 Foil X Wing- Wood Sandwich

Revolution boardsports

Based on the Foil X model, the same features that make the Foil X work for wind foiling make them ideal for wing foiling: the ultra-compact outlines make them easy to control, easy to manoeuvre and light for take-off. The extended flat-bottom shapes make them accelerate, gather speed and reach take-off speed with less power. The rail cut-aways help you sink the tail to pop up onto the foil and the wide nose and wide tail make the board stable to stand on. To convert from wind foil to wing foil, simply remove the wind foil from the tail and mount the wing foil to the twin US box tracks. Optionally, you can move footstraps to the wing-foil positions to add control. Two leash inserts allow you to secure the board to your ankle and the wing to the board.


125 - 190cm, 67cm, 8.77kgs

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Type: Windsurf boards