2022 Starboard GTR Aluminium

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2022 GTR Aluminium


This freerace slalom foil has been updated to use the 105 Evolution fuselage and the new 650 Evolution front wing, matching the racing team's preferred medium and high wind slalom set up. Our fastest foil for the highest GPS speed runs.



The GTR rides best when pressure is equally distributed between your front and back legs when flying at maximum speed. This means you will need more back-foot pressure to keep level flight until the board accelerates into the red zone.

Out of the box, start with the -2° spacer.

Add tail wing angle in 0.5° increments to find your optimum setting. The windier it is, the more you'll need to reduce tail wing angle to reduce power. The lighter the wind, the more you'll tend to add tail wing angle to boost power.

Mast Aluminium 95cm

Fuselage  Aluminium 105cm

Front Wing Carbon 650cm2

Tail Wing Carbon 225cm2 

Collections: Wind Foils

Type: Windsurf foils