Project Scott Wave




Developed with Western Australian legend Scott McKercher, “Project Scott” is designed to charge waves.

A classical wave board redefined with modern highlights, The Project Scott is best described in Scott’s own words;

It’s always been the goal to have a board with automatic response in initiating a rail and or reacting with the lip. From previous incarnations, small adjustments in rocker/deck volume and outline make large differences.
It’s always been about carving for me too. When you set a rail it’s got to have a nice line to bury the nose and push the tail.
The Project Scott will give you the feedback needed for various waves all across the world. It is, though, when bigger, hollow waves are pumping where this board truly will sparkle.


SIZES 62 / 70 / 78 / 84 / 92 / 100 / 108 / 116