Severne Redwing Foil

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That’s what foiling means to us. For most windsurfers, foiling has the potential to DOUBLE their time on the water.

Our foil equipment has been designed to get people up and flying easily, safely and with as much fun as possible. By directly understanding all the variables ourselves, we have made the design choices to deliver a foiling experience that will expand your windsurfing world.



/ 900mm mast
/ 950mm fuselage
/ 1400cm2 front wing
/ 350 cm2 tail wing


Rigging up has never been the most fun part of windsurfing. Adding a foil can increase the complexity, so we have focused on making it as easy as possible.

Minimal bolts mean less to install.
Only 2 different bolt types – short bolts for the wings, and long ones for the mast.
A single tool required. The 5mm Hex Key was selected for it’s long-term reliability, the abundance of compatible tools (many sails use this size for batten tension), and easy replacement of bolts.
Plug in connections between fuselage/mast and fuselage/front wing.


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